Temple Drum

A Unique & Tactile Hand Percussion Instrument

The Temple Drum

Constructed from a hand spun steel shell with hand cut and tuned ‘tongues’, every drum is unique and available either in one of our carefully selected scales or in a custom scale of your choice.

Our Standard size Temple Drum is 12 inches in diameter. We also have available 2 larger sizes that are capable of lower tunings and a slightly louder tone.

We chose particular configuration for our Standard Temple Drum as we believe it offers the best balance of tone, portability and cost.

All our drums are available in a range of colours and optional customised engraving on the top of the drum.


The Light Drum

Our Light Drum is constructed in exactly the same way as our Standard Temple Drum but also includes a built in lighting system that allows the Drum to cast a beautiful pattern on the ceiling above it. This simple addition creates a further level of user engagement with the instrument, especially in a low light space.